Tampa Wholesale Grocery Store opens to the Public

Let's not talk about the economy . Let us discuss instead about how you and I are surviving, making ends meet and getting through this holiday season without putting ourselves in bankruptcy. Many of my friends have turned to coupons. I tried. I can save a little money with coupons but don't have the ability to match up all the sales with the coupons I cut out weeks ago. If that works for you, great more power to you. So the next best thing is I must find the best price. This is for all my Tampa Bay Area friends out there. Are you paying attention? I drove 80 miles round trip to go to this particular store.  Good Earth Foods is a store that is committed to providing great quality and service at fantastic prices.  No you don't have to buy in bulk, but you can if you want to. The Piccolo Family are the owners of this small but impressive warehouse store.   They are folks just like you and I, living the American dream and with honest hard work  sending their kids to college.  I will let the Piccolo Family tell you. ...

"Good Earth Foods has been providing excellent service and pricing to food service businesses locally and nationally for over 13 years.
As the falling economy has left many families struggling to make ends meet, Good Earth Foods recognized the need in our community, to offer warehouse pricing to the public. As it became tougher to provide quality food for working families, we decided to do something different.
In addition to providing excellent pricing for our food service customers, we are now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
Good Earth Foods is not a grocery store. We are a working wholesale warehouse. Products and opportunities arrive & get distributed with amazing speed. You will not see any fancy displays here and you will not receive any mailers costing us thousands of dollars to send. We rely on "Word of Mouth" to keep prices low....."

Good Earth Foods, Inc., 1601 N. 50th Street, Tampa, Florida 33619
Phone: 813.871.1081     Fax: 813.871.2102    Toll Free: 888.302.GOOD (4663)

I was sent to their store by my neighbor.  I was impressed. I have never gotten such good deals on shrimp (Military Man's favorite) and ribeye.. who doesn't love steak??  I met Sonny and Vicki Piccolo the day I was there.  Vicki greeted me the moment I walked through the breezeway.  She welcomed me as a first time shopper and then showed me to the large back counter to show me each and every item I had a question about.  I purchased the steak lovers box (T-Bones,Filet, Sirloin,Bacon Wrap,Steak burgers,Strip Steak) and the steaks are such great quality.  I bought swiss cheese, shrimp, ribeye, frozen veggies, pork chops and lots of fish. Trust me when I tell you I compared prices from four grocery stores and one warehouse (which I pay a yearly fee for).  Good Earth Food prices were anywhere from $1.50 to $5.00 and up per pound LESS than any of the stores, even on sale items.
                                                BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER!!!
Good Earth has Monthly sales items too. You have to check them out on their website at http://www.goodearthfoods.net/index.html  and see for yourself.  
If you have been a reader of mine for any length of time, you know how much I love our Military. You know how much I love my Military Man and Firefighters are my other personal love because I have so many smokies in our family. So imagine my sweet surprise when my neighbor told me that Good Earth loves Police, Firefighters, Military too by giving an extra 5% discount on the last Saturday of the month for civil service employees. 
I kid you not ..... I have absolutely no room in our freezer for anything more. And here comes sales on whole Turkeys.    I am going to have to invest in another deep freezer. 
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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