Peaches in Florida???

I have lived all my nearly 41 years in Florida. I did not know that we have enough chill hours to grow peaches. But we do, thanks to the folks at University of Florida in Gainesville.
They have designed (manipulated the DNA) peach trees that are disease resistant and will grow here in Central and North  Florida. Good to know.

The other day I was driving around my neighborhood when I see this big old sign that says, pick your own peaches. I followed that sign. And I found it was true
And not just peaches, but these succulant little purple plums too. The weight of the fruit snapped the tree limbs off.

My kids had so much fun picking until I stepped in a huge mess of red ants, and their arms and legs were getting itchy from the long grass, and peach fuzz. And then someone had to go potty..

So I decided to let them go home... in this....
A real honest to goodness Amish buggy from Indiana.

The owers where fine with the kids jumping in and pretending the horses were attached.

Nice and comfy.  If the hat wasn't purple and she was wearing a dress, I could pass her off as Amish.

front windows come up for that fresh outdoor smell.. ya know the smell of whats pulling this thing.

Anyways we had so much fun, we decided to come back with the entire Preschool class.
I am a glutton for punishment.

I asked the kids what was the best part of going to the peach orchard today?

You will never guess their anwser.

Their answer.......seeing the rooster.
Gotta love the kids.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Ohhhh! I want you to take me on field trips an' pick peaches and plums and let me pretend to drive an Amish buggy!!!! Waaaaahhh!

    Yes, you will be 41 on June 9th!!! Happy early birthday!!!! Love, K

  2. how do you feel about genetically modified foods?

  3. Wow where is this?? Is this in Tampa?? What is the address? ?