Kids of Personality.. My own funk band

Back before clocks were invented. Back before calendars where around, way way back. It was then.  It was a time called the 80's. Big Hair, black parachute pants and neon shirts with gummy bracelet's and friendship pins on your sneakers. Sorry incomplete sentence. I was a girl of the 80's.  I didn't actually own Jordache jeans myself, because we could not afford them. And forget about owning Guess Jeans with the zippers at the bottoms. Oh yes, does this post have a point? Yes, it does. Do you recall a Group which sung a song called Cult of Personality?
Cult of Personality" is a song by funk metal band Living Colour. It was the first single from their debut album, Vivid, released in 1988. "Cult of Personality" reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #9 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart. It also won the Grammy award for "Best Hard Rock Performance" in 1989.
I have no idea what Cult of Personality means but I love the song and can sing it at the top of my lungs to this day. So fast forward 30 years and I remember this song because I have kids of personality. And when I see these pictures I want to sing songs of the 80's taking them back to the 80's. They have no desire to go.
I swear she makes taking pictures so much fun.  I love this face. I don't want this child to ever leave me. Don't grow up and move out and leave me. Just don't sweet pea, child of mine. OK,  moving on

All I see is how dirty her socks are and how we could do a commercial for bleach and Mr. Clean to clean your socks and your floors. This is NEXT years Halloween costume. But once I saw it on her and how short it was, it suddenly became today's dress up outfit for fun.

This is how we get our funk on. Remember back in the 80's when we went OUTSIDE to play?

Military Man showing the kids survival skills.

OK, how about something to just make you laugh?

Meet Martha Ray, The big Mouth..aka .....Minnie ME
This is Girl Schmuck signing off


  1. Amy, LOVE the pics!! They're just adorable kids! I know you know how fast they grow up - hold them tight!

    Susan on CJ