First day of school

Monday was the first day of school. Not sure why, but Stinker Belle was not having a good smile day.  My sweet boy Diesel was having a extraordinary day of looking so handsome. I must have told him 100 times and run my hand over his new hair cut. He is my baby.

Please notice the shoes... They don't match and she doesn't care.

Honestly I don't know what happened to their smiles this morning.
 Maybe the smile decided to stay in bed.

Diesel Boy was all into posing because he knew how great he looked. I have no
idea what was distracting Stinker Belle.  I could blame it on the heat... except

There is this... and ....

.......This.  I think I will crop her out and just allow him to shine.

Ah kids. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. You must be thrilled to see your baby go to school for the first time. Funny how fast time flies, right? I hope he had fun and is still enjoying school life up to now. Here’s to more years of learning!

    Ed Harper @ Crayon College