The first day of school today

Today is the first day of school. All summer I have fantasized about this moment. Last week I kept saying this day couldn't get here fast enough. For dinner we went out to celebrate the last day of summer vacation. This morning I have butterflies in my stomach and want to keep them home with me. They are going into school to learn and grow emotionally and physically. I know I know, but a mama bird always has to push the birds out of the nest. I didn't cry on the first day of kindergarten. Partly because he was across the street and all I had to do was look out my window to see him on the playground. Now they both will come home with homework, and I won't be able to help them... Ok so I will be able to help them but I have to pretend I love homework.
This was all three of my babies just two years ago. I can't believe that. If I didn't have the date on the picture I would have told you this was only a couple of weeks ago.

This was two years ago? She was only just two years old here?
I have to go pack lunches and make them a healthy lunch so they grow up
big and strong, No cancel that, I am going to feed them junk food, no cancel
that too. I am just going to go.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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