Princess Tea

I decided that my princess needed to experience a real Tea Room. So we dressed up. Well, She dressed up and I just wore a matching shirt, with stains on it. Its what I had. First I needed some practice with practice
pictures with my tripod.  Is that redundant? Or is it just really bad grammer?

I am a bit off center, but she is cute huh?

I realized that its not easy setting up the tripod and the timer and then trying to jump in real quick
and take a picture. My camera beeps the countdown and I keep expecting a BOOM at the end of the countdown. This I think is the cause of WAY Too many James Bond movies.

I had to crop this one because my head was cut off in the picture.  My brother would probably argue that I look better that way. That's what brothers do, lift you up when your down.

Ok, last practice shot I promise. Can you tell mommy put make up on her
little princess, but forgot her own lipstick?

Well after dress up and before Tea we had to do some shopping. I am going to stop letting her watch TV. She walked in and Told me "Twinkle Toes Mama, I always wanted Twinkle Toes." I didn't know that they were really called that. I thought she was being cute. Nope, they are advertised on TV as Twinkle Toes.
But really who wouldn't want these? Heck, I want them.

Ok, time for Tea.
There were way too many cool things to look at while were were there, so it was a bit
hard for a four year old to keep looking at the camera
especially since Mama is a camera freak. Here I remembered my lipstick.

Instead of Tea, Princess Belle got chocolate milk in her own tea pot and tea cup.
Thanks to Grandma who made her this dress, and now we have a matching doll
dress and shoes too. We will have to get pictures of those too.
But, not today. Today we are getting ready for School to start.
Girl Schmuck signing off.

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