If you put your leg behind your head.....

I am sitting here and I dislike what I smell. Stinky feet. I hate stinky feet. They are mine. Yuck. I was wearing slippers, without socks. Somehow socks keep your feet from stinking. Socks absorb the stink and you wash  them and the shoes don't stink. If you have a pair of shoes that you have wore without socks..beware.. stinky feet. Anyways I was in my slippers and my stinky feet were hiding in my stinky slippers, and my daughter was sitting  on my lap. We were sitting outside on the front porch enjoying the milder weather after all the blizzard snow. We didn't have snow, but felt it was our duty to go outside since the rest of the county was under  blizzard white out conditions.
 I asked her if she could put her leg behind her head. I proceeded to help her lift her foot over her head and and yells... "PEE".  Then she peed all over my lap, on my jeans and into my stinky feet. Just so you know, pee does not cure stinky feet.  I asked her why she peed all over herself and me and she said, "Well Mama, you know if  you put your leg behind your head... it makes the pee come out." Now I know and you know too.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Hahaha - that REALLY made me laugh! I will have to keep that in mind though, don't want to make the same mistake ;-)!

  2. Actually Elizabeth, I think she really just had a full bladder and didn't want to stop to go potty. She was having fun just hanging with us outside on the front porch. But I sure did think it was funny.

  3. I don't ever have to worry about that happening to me!!!...the leg behind the head that is...LOL

  4. LOL that is so funny!!! and cute!!! and so funny that it happened to you... lol lol lol lol I am hurting over here from laughing so hard!

  5. I am still laughing about it too. I am glad your laughing Angelina. I love when you laugh so hard your eyse water and your side hurts. Thats a good laugh.

  6. nice pic for jacking off.

    1. ya,feels great,pretty legs.