Hurt Anger and Rage Part II

Jesus, my savior. God became flesh and presents us with God in human form.  Jesus my Savior... Got MAD. He felt Anger. If its good enough for Jesus.. Then is OK for me too.

So the rub is we are human and God is God. We are very easily angered. We get mad and stay mad. We are more likely to sin when we are angry. Jesus did not sin. God does get angry. He even tells us so in His word. He wants us to be wise. Not foolish.

But here is a few questions I have for you. I am using the bible here as a reference. The book of Luke, chapter 19. Jesus get upset with the money changers in the temple because he accuses them from turning the "Temple of God into a Den of Robbers"  If your not familiar with the story, the money changers were charging too much money and cheating people when they had to purchase animals for sacrifice. I am getting to the question, just had to set the scene.

So my point.. Jesus gets angry. He chases them out of the Temple. Now here is were we have to use our imagination. It doesn't tell us HOW Jesus chased them out. But I can believe he didn't say it calmly, or tap them on the shoulder and ask them to leave in a whisper. He Chased them out. If Jesus is allowed to get angry, wouldn't you think it would be OK for him to raise his voice and YELL and possibly knock over the tables and do a complete and total freak out? My savior, the one who is here to teach love and compassion.. I think He has a right to yell and stamp His feet. I like the idea that HE became human, HE got angry and HE chased people out of the temple.
If I was there, I would have been the little kid, the poor little kid on the side watching. Watching and getting involved in a situation that effected me. Just like at a sporting event, I would have been cheering Jesus on. I would have thrown him my staff as my mom and dad ran like crazy to pick up the money being flung to the floor.

As I read this situation in the bible, I have to believe that getting angry is NOT the sin. So second question is what is sin? I don't have the answer, but I have an opinion. My thought is that each of us as individuals are tempted by different things. I think that what may tempt you might not be my downfall. But I think we are God's children and He has told us to ASK Him for wisdom, ask Him for answers, Ask Him for guidance and we will be given what you ask for. 

I got so mad once, I keyed someones car. Yeah I did. I was a stupid teenager. The anger wasn't the sin. Keying the car while being mad a this person was the sin.  Ok, that is enough confessions out of me. I am not here to discuss my sins anyways. This is about anger and when and how it is ok to be angry. I hope I got that point across.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. My Mum always said that to be angry is not a sin - it's what you do with the anger that can be sinful! Which is basically what you are saying if I read you right...

  2. This is exactly what I believe.. its okay to be angry, but to take a negative action out of anger is not. AMEN go is AWESOME!