What did you do this weekend?

So anything exciting happen this weekend you want to tell me about?
Do anything that your kids will remember as 'good times'?
Build sandcastles or play cars? Dress up baby dolls or make brownies?
Want to see what we did?

This is or was our Pindo Palm tree. It has a great big palms leaves. See the cement border around the tree? That was were the chicken coop use to be. (see story below) This the the palm tree the raccoon ran up to excape us. Again, see story below.  This palm tree has great big succulent palm nuts that are very fruity. They ferment and stink to high heaven as mom would say.  I found out that this particular palm tree is actually from South America and the fruit is used to make jelly with: in South America. Aparently its not so popular here in the USA. So we decided that it was taken up good space and not providing any food for man or animal, and it had to be taken down.  It also turns out that palm trees are sandy and destroy your chainsaw. So we came up with another plan.

Military Man in his element. He loves him some diesel power toys.
I would like to add here that it was my idea to rent this excavator and get the job done and not dilly dally about it. I have plans for this ground and I made up my mind that it had to go... NOW.
Yes, I am sure Military Man had to watch some car show, Nascar or other important plans. But he does love to make me happy.

So now I have lots of wonderful room for my eight blueberry bushes.
He personally has destoryed, mowed over and weed wacked several of my blueberry bushes.
That did not make me happy. So this was our settlement. Plants only in designated planting areas. NO mowers allowed.

Do you see the root ball on that tree. Its very very heavy. We don't have a burn pit. We don't have a chainsaw with a working sharp chain. What we do have is a big hole in the ground. A tree so heavy this big powered diesel excavator barely could move it.  So what do you do with a newly uprooted tree?

Well, this was one idea. 
 It wasn't a very good idea, but it wasn't MY idea. This axe was a house warming gift from our realator Kathy after we closed on the house. I just grabbed my camera and decided to keep my mouth shut.

OOPS, I think I might have said that outloud. Now is probably not a good time to tell him that shirt, even as a yard work shirt is really really awful, huh?
Honey, have I told you how handsome you are when your annoyed with me?
I think I will go around to the front of the house and see what pictures I can take over there and get out of your way while you swing that axe a few more times. Love you, Military Man.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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