If your happy and you know it......

Ok is there anyting cuter than kids actually having fun and wanting you to see it?  These are some happy happy kids. Happy Kids make for Happy Moms and that makes a great picture. They are really great kids and are raised by good parents. They didn't stay that way all afternoon.
Nah, they got tired, especially three year olds. 
 Diesel Boy is in his 'Party Shirt'.  I buy him a crazy loud shirt a couple of sized too big, usually at the consignment store. Every time he is going to any kind of party, he knows what he is suppose to wear. His party shirt. No need for arguement on what to wear, because he will always wear his party shirt.  It only gets worn for a party. Or when he feels the need to party.... I think that happens later ....maybe high school. 

Do you ever see your child with another child of good stock and think hmmm I would not mind her/him being my daughter/son in law? Am I the only one that thinks this way? Seriously, I have some high hopes from this picture. 

Now can we just discuss one other teeny tiny issue with this picture?
 Why does my Stinker Belle have ahold of this boys zipper?  You just had to zoom back up and look didn't you? Suddenly when you look at the picture again, this boys eyes are telling a whole different story, aren't they?Go look at the picture again. Now that I am studying this picture again, all three girls seem to be in on a practical joke.
And they are laughing about it.
 I thought this kind of behavior wasn't suppose to occur until high school?  Guess I will have to crop this picture before I send it out to the other parents.

Seriously, I took this picture with my new camera, I didn't have to touch it up or take out any red eyes. And I used a flash. I think it looks really good. (Thank you Carrie and Lisa) Matter of fact, I am turning this picture into a greeting card. To see how go to www.sendoutcards.com/amyscards . I will send the parents a card (after cropping) made with this picture on the front and then include more pictures from that day on the inside of the card. Then I will send it out without leaving my house. No more stamps for me.

Well as of this moment the happy girl holding on to the boy is home sick with me. All kidding aside, I am mommy zone and if you read this, lift up stinker belle in your prayers that she will soon be back on her feet.
Thanks for reading today. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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