Many faces

I am super busy with the garden. I have pictures to prove it. I just downloaded over 50 pictures. I have been taking pictures, I just haven't had time to up load them and then blog about them.  Here are some photos I took to share with you.

Grandma made matching dresses. What would we do without our Grandma's?

A chicken dress I got at the consignment store. I wish they had one in my size.

Can these two girls get any more beautiful? Would you look at the bicep on little Cee Cee? She worked with me all day in the garden. That's why her hair is wet, we had to have a shower
before going to church to drop her back off to her mommy.

This is what I captured on my photo walk with the kids.

More pictures coming
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Love your pictures of your sweet ones! Keep them coming!