Spring is here and so is the mud.

Sometimes you just have to let it go. Me, I am going to let go of the idea that my floors will be clean for more than 10 minutes until next Fall. Saturday and Sunday we all worked in the yard. Black dirt everywhere. Even with us removing our shoes at the door, the dirt clings to  you, falls down your shirt, hides in your socks and is smashed into your back side.  I could be a freak and chase the kids and the dirt around with the hoover. I don't really want to be remembered as a super neat clean freak. 
A truck load of dirt is going to be delivered today. As if I don't have enough issues with dirt, we are having more delivered.  Because we live on a  slope, our dirt washes down down down and away away away. 
Anyhow, spring is here. Its climbing into the 80's everyday and by March I will have the air conditioner on and the pool pump running eight hours a day.  Little bit (I call her Little Bit when she isn't being a Stinker Belle) and I have planted seeds for her flower garden. She said, "I want my very own garden". I reminded her that she had her own flower garden last year and the flowers were close to five and six foot high. 

On Saturday the kids and I went to the Home Depot and bought some starter vegetable plants and Diesel wanted Strawberry plants.  I haven't had time to till the garden yet, so it's bogged down with aggressive grasses. So I will just put it all in larger pots until we have time to till up the soil. You can grow almost anything in a big enough bucket of dirt.  One year I grew sweet potatoes. They were so so good. I use a big black 40 gallon  garden pond for fish, which has holes drilled in the bottom. Think maybe I will try again this year. Last year the rain came and we got so much rain, my entire garden rotted out in two weeks. I have good luck with green beans, zucchini and cucumbers.  I use gardening as a excuse to play in the dirt. I love to wash the mud off with the outside pool shower and then jump in the pool to cool off.

Military Man sharpened my tools for me yesterday. The pruners where in sad shape. He tightened them up for me too.  Once I had all the trimming done,  he ran around with the ATV and the tractor attachment and hauled all the branches away to the burn pile.  I moved my rosemary bush and transplanted the lavendar plants. I tore out the star jasmine and added it to the burn pile.  I absolutely hate the juniper in my front beds. Its prickly and the hornets love to nest in there.

My flowers in the front bed are doing well and multiplying so I was able to dig them up, separate them and have more flowers to spread out around the garden. I will still need to buy a few flowers to fill in a few holes, as I do like to change it up a bit and see what else I can grow.  Do you ever go to the discount flower area in your store? That's where they put plants that might be saved, but they have frost damage, or heat damage. I love to buy those plants and bring them back to life. Plus they are 50% discounted.

My Stinker Belle gave up helping after seeing a bee. She was stung last year and now she would rather watch us from the safety of the house through the window than being outside with us. She started whining yesterday when I made her come outside and pick up branches. She screamed when a junebug wizzed by her ear. She was done. I sent her upstairs to rest. She was never so excited to pull off her socks and shoes and crawl under the covers for a nap.  I was a bit jelous. I wanted to take a nap too.
I will have pictures soon. Its not a good idea to bring out the camera when your covered in muck. There is much to show you and more to tell you about.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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