Painting, hunting and other fun stuff

Do you invent things to do around your house? Turn chores into games? Mix it up so they don't know if they are doing work or just having fun.
This is my little bit. She is my baby. I can't believe she is mine because she doesn't look anything like me.

 This is also my baby. He doesn't look anything like me either. He looks like Military Man.
Someone gave each of my children, hand carved wooden chains. Its all one piece of wood, and then its whittled away until you have several links.  They are painting here to improve fine motor skills.

Well after looking at this picture, he might be related to me. This picture is not related to the topic, I just think my baby is a cutie pie.

And I suppose she has my nose. Picture of little bit listening to her Mickey Mouse card that sings "Hot Dog" to her. Again, no relevance to the topic. I go off topic a lot, so what.

What you can't see in this picture is the car magazine they are reading together. I don't want either of my kids to ever believe reading is a chore. I want them to LOVE to read. So we both read to our kids. The funny part is they both love to read car magazine with daddy. They point to cars, talk about the features, how much it is, and if they  will ever own one some time in the future.

Penny scavenger hunt around the house. I have no idea why she took her shirt off, probably because her brother took his off.  The point is, if they found other things on the floor, they had to pick those up too. Dirty socks, shoes, hair balls, tiny toys, barrettes, books and whatever else they leave around... All of it must be picked up for them to be able to keep the money they find on the floor.

Doing the dirty dishes dance. Whatever it takes to get them to help with the dishes. Its not always the dishes, but the step stool they get to climb to reach the sink to wash the dishes that brings them running. Hey, I even have them unloading the dishwasher. They have to pretend to be plates forks and knives while putting away the cups, plates and utensils.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. I love penny hunting idea - very cool!

  2. What beautiful kiddos you have, Amy! It's neat to read about the fun things you do... :)