One smart Man

I just have to brag about how well trained my man is. Men don't come trained, you have to do that job yourself. Sometimes it takes more than one woman. I don't mean .... oh get your mind out of the gutter.  I mean his mother, his sisters, good friends, and finally the girlfriend who becomes the wife. Military man has one older sister and two younger sisters. He defended his older sister in high school one day. The story goes something about how he put the guys head into the school locker because he disrespected his sister.  It didn't deter this guy too much, but did straighten him out... apparently she later married that same guy. Anyways, I guess somewhere along the way, my man learned a few things.

1.  Dish pan hands are really sexy. I have told him this many times. He always helps out in the kitchen.  He is fed and fed well. So he helps out and we have good talks in the kitchen. Not every night. But on the nights he isn't helping in the kitchen, he is bathing kids. I love my guy.

2. He fixes things. He has the electric gene. The one that knows how to change out outlets, fix the brakes on the car, can redesign and configure technical problems that baffle me and leave me in the dark... literally.

3. He loves to dance, but only with me and never in front of anyone else. He will never show anyone and I mean anyone that he can dance. OK, he will dance with is kids in the living room with the curtains closed. My man loves to hold me close and loves to dance with me.

4. He is a great listener. This is HUGE. I can't tell you how many ladies out there have said they have a great husband but they don't talk all that much about important stuff. Military Man is a man of few words, unless your talking about trucks or cars. But he gives me his undivided attention ... IF I ask for it. You have to ask for their attention. You have to say, "eyes on me, I am telling you something you need to file away and remember". Course you don't say it like that, but you know what I mean. I make sure he is not in front of the TV or computer when we talk and its very good conversation and always gentle and kind. Seldom do we raise our voices.  Our big rule is no TV in the bedroom.

5. My man respects me and trust me. This is something we had to have a real conversation about. But I really believe I must be responsible enough to not put myself in situation that could become a problem. My Muslim friends tell me that their practice is no  married woman should be alone with a man who is not her husband.  I suppose other than the repair man coming to fix the cable, or dishwasher, I would have to agree with this idea. I have another friend who believe that men and women can not be "Best friends" without it growing into something more than friendship.  On the flip side of this, I must  have trustworthy girlfriends that don't make my husband uncomfortable in his own home. 

6. My hubby loves to surprise me and what I mean is the "just because" surprise. I am not really a jewelry kind of girl. I do love flowers so last night I got this:
No he doesn't need a reason. He just wanted to make me smile. I just love this man.

7. He is a great daddy. He spends time with his kids. He enjoys his kids. He teaches his kids and prays with his children.
He is one smart man. Well trained and smart. Very smart, he married me.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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