What have you been up to?

So December 1st rolled onto the scene and we finally got some cooler weather. When its cold here in Florida, we act like its snowing out and bundle up. I took the kids out this morning. We bundled up and parked out far, so we wouldn't get blocked in. Then I made them hike in the cool crisp air.

This morning we entered a fashion contest and seriously lost with this get up. Little bit is holding her pant legs up, like there might be rain, snow, sleet, mud or just a big old puddle she would step in. We haven't seen rain in weeks, but that didn't stop her from telling me, "this is how ladies hold their pants legs up, mama".

Once we got to our destination, we had to fuel up with some calories. Seriously folks, she is becoming quite the drama queen. Hands on hips, hands on chin, dramtic eye batting. She hasn't started rolling her eyes yet, but I am sure you will hear about it when she does.

Santa read us a story. Twas the night before Christmas....And where is my Stinker Belle? She snuck out the back door to find the bounce house. Why you ask. Because the man in the red suit had no gifts to unwrap and freaked her out just a bit.

HO HO HO... (every time I hear someone say HO HO HO, I want to say," Green Giant" from the green giant commercials, am I dating myself here?)

My kids think its more fun to fall out of the bounce house rather than stay in and bounce. My kids are weird, what can I say.
If you haven't figured it out yet, there was no fashion show, just Stinker Belle and Diesel Boy having breakfast with Santa this morning.
The teacher felt it was cheaper and easier to hire a Santa, and have the parents bring their cameras and they fed us breakfast, while the kids sat on Santa's lap. As opposed to schlepping the kids to the mall and pay $15 for a polorid after hour and half of standing in line. Later there was a story, but the kids were more worried about the bounce house feeling left out and wanted to go outside and keep it company.

My stinker belle is a shy introvert... can't you tell. Not so much.

This is a hint for my next post... Its what I have been up to. Seriously I am obsessed with these.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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