How does ADD effect you

I am sure you have heard of ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. Those of us with it, have an impact on those of you that don't. Its not an excuse. Its just what we do or sometimes don't do. ADD has different levels of intensity. I am mild. But it still irritates me. I love to read. But I am totally unable to block out noise around me. Its all noise. It makes me insane to hear the tv and the radio play at once. Its like having sand rubbed on the inside of your ear canal. When my kids get too loud, when your at a party and everyone talks at once, when your reading and someone just starts talking to you without asking you to give them your attention.... it ends badly. My brain has to figure out what is that noise? What is that movement to my left? My brain interupts me constantly telling me about new data entering the room. Medication can help for some.

Writing is my release. Writing helps put the things, the important things back in order. It helps me release the stress of what is not done, what is not completed and lets me focus on what I want to do, what needs to be done.. what is most important at this moment. Of course when I am writing and getting constant interuptions.. Well thats when you might notice me get a bit irritated. 

"Leave Mom alone when she is writing. No you don't need juice right this moment." "Please say, "excuse me mom", when you need my attention."

Here are some books that might help. I am looking into them.  If you or anyone you have known has read theses, or has any comments; I would love to hear from you.  This is Girl Schmuck signing off