Getting your computer fixed.

I have added a few friends of mine who I think are "big girls" to read my blog. I change you all up b/c I can only direct deposit into your email, 10 at a time. The rest have to make me your favorite and seek me out. But I think a few of you will get the giggles from this post. A few of you really need me in your life, as your way to serious and need my goofiness. However I will always promise you this. I will never write on here anything that would need to be covered up, or turned off. It will always be rated PG. Your kids should never have to leave the room if your reading my blog. I write for the reason, that one day my kids will be able to read about how silly mom can be. I write to discuss wild ideas that come up in my head. I  write to talk, to plant ideas and to make you think about something.  Now onto today's topic:

Different ways to use your computer

Do you use your computer for ways it was not designed? I don't really mean to use it to press dried flower petals..I guess you could. Sure I use my computer to connect and read email, but the nice part is that it relaxes me. Kinda like a good book, I get into a zone. I have a blog.. your reading it now. I vent, write about weird things that happen to me like taking my daughter into the men's room at Cracker Barrel yesterday and not even noticing the urinals until after I came out of the stall. hee hee. I love to tell on myself.
But do you find your blood pressure coming down when your in your zone at your computer?  How about as a laxative? No I am not trying to ingest the monitor, but when I sit down at the computer, but as I begin to relax, I find myself in need of the bathroom very quickly. Its just natural... but its funny how I have had conversations with others out there that say the same thing. Seriously, I don't know why some of us can talk about these things, and others of you have already deleted this post.  For us big girls that can talk about these things, the computer is one cool tool with really funny side effects.. but its a good thing.
Now one could argue that its because we are sitting here drinking our coffee or tea and that is really what's promoting the movement. Say what you like.. I am going with relaxing techniques, lowering blood pressure and getting into my zone.  So when you tell you that I need my computer fixed, maybe it could mean something entirely different now. Just something to ponder.
  This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Amy I love you!!!! You make me laugh... I also have to use the bathroom when I use my computer :) Funny, I never thought of it like that....

  2. thanks Angelina. I love you too. Thanks for writing. Will be praying for your decision to move to a bigger place.