Hard day at the mall

I am not a normal girl. I don't like to shop. I do like to spend money.. so that part is normal. I really do not like to shop with two little people with me. Schlepping little people around anywhere listening to them whine is not my bag of fun.
"I hafta go potty", "Are we almost there?", "Can we ride the horsey ride", "I want chicken nuggets", "I don't want these kind of chicken nuggets" (after they are purchased and ketchup is poured out)

On and on it goes.  We got back in the car to ride home. Two little people out like lights. One long blissful hour of peace.. all the way home. I only went to the mall to go walk around.
Well and I really needed hairbands from Clairs. If you have a little person with long hair, or she will have long hair one day.. then you understand the need to have many different items such as barrettes, headbands, elastic ties, ribbons and clips to hold the hair out of her face.

 WHY?? Oh its such fun to comb peanut butter and jelly or syrup out of her hair...NOT.
The cheap plastic one snap in half. The cheap clips don't hold. The cheap elastics snap your finger as they break. The cheap barretts, you never see them again. So save yourself the first twenty dollars, go to Clairs or some other good hair accessory place and buy the stuff that will hold thin whispy fine baby doll like hair for your child. Just leave them at home with Grandma. Not with Papa, with Grandma... that story another day.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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