Why you can NOT leave the kids home with Papa

I love my dad. I love that my kids love him. I love other peoples dads. But I will never ever leave my kids home alone with them. Why... Well I will share a few stories.

My dad doesn't always listen. I say don't leave the house. I came driving down the street with them (dad and kids) walking down the street, with my front door unlocked and people working in my backyard on the pool.

If my dad sits still for more than three minutes, he is asleep. He falls asleep in church. He isn't bored, just tired. He gets up at all hours of the night, putters around and cat naps all during the day. So my kids can do pretty much anything they want when he is asleep.

Papa loves to read the paper and watch tv. He doesn't have cable at his house. So he loves to come to our house and watch tv. In the past, he has told the kids he really wants to watch a program and he will play later, only to be seen Hours later.

Recently I just learned from a friend that while she went to the store with her mom, her dad was suppose to watch the kids. Apparently he was on the computer and got distracted. The kids got a chair, climbed on the counter, pulled down the hidden bag of M&M's, and ate 2 1/2 pounds of candy. The bag needs a better hiding place and papa needs to able to HEAR too.

And my favorite story.. and the one that causes heart failure. Dad won't answer his cell phone. He saves minutes by getting to a friends house and borrowing their phone. So he took my kids for a walk around the neighborhood and into the woods. After an hour I drove all over the neighborhood, calling and looking for them. They finally came home to a very angry, upset crazy woman about to call the police with the story that her father and children have up and disappeared. He thought it was funny. I didn't speak to him for two weeks.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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