Things to do at a Christmas Party

Christmas Party 2010. There is nothing really extra special about this picture other than its me and she. Me..I still have natural brown hair not from a bottle. She has the cute oval face that takes a great picture. She dressed for the Christmas party. Me.. I showed up in a clean shirt. She decided it would be a good idea to put on makeup. Me.. what the heck is make up??? oh wait, that is me with make up on... yikes.
There are lots of things to do at a Christmas party. Other than eat, drink and be merry. Lets move on the the next picture, shall we.
Oh my goodness. Its my cutie pies. Before they ate all the sugar in the house. If you look closely at princess snow white ..that may be chocolate chip residue on her face. That is Diesel Boy's party shirt. He wears it to all parties, that way he knows what he is gonna wear if he is invited to a party. Love that kid.

Well well well, its hair do time. Princess is as princess does.
Do you like to have your hair done? I can't stand to sit in a chair for more than 15 mins holding my head still so someone can snip snip around my face. If you don't believe me, go look at the picture above as Exhibit A. I told you I was weird.

Here they are playing more beauty parlor.
They are so in the ZONE of doing hair, they didn't even know I was there. Plus they heard that I wouldn't sit still. They hate it when they have to constantly tell their clients to sit still.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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