Russian Spy Rum Cake

You can spend fourteen bucks on this rum cake. You can if you want. I didn't even know you could buy it until I just looked it up. Its one pound, weight, not cost for those of you in England.  Or you can make your own. Its way cheaper and faster. Well depending on how much rum you buy and what brand you buy, its cheaper. Its faster because you don't have to wait for the post to bring it to you. You only need one full cup of  rum in this recipe. How much more rum consumed by you; well that is your call.

Tortuga Original Caribbean Rum Cake, 16-Ounce CakeThe Russian Spy's Rum Cake. You have heard that the Russians like their vodka? Yes? Well this particular Russian likes his rum cake. So once again I forgot to take pictures of the cake, you will have to trust that it was really really good, as there are no leftovers. My Christmas day guests left with six mini bunt cakes. I forgot to take pictures of those too.  Maybe they will write in and tell you how good it was.

"oh it's a cake. There is a hole in it."  Name that movie.

Ingredients you need
One box of Yellow Cake mix (would not recommend the box with "Pudding in the mix" because of next ingredient.)

One box of vanilla instant pudding (I don't know what size, and it doesn't seem to make a difference, so I use the bigger box)

½ cup of vegetable oil

½ cup of rum (use the cheap stuff, or the good stuff, its cake and we just need the flavor not the taste) does that make a lick of sense? And yes you can lick the batter bowl later.

4 eggs

½ cup of water

Mix all ingredients together and bake at 350 (grease the pan. use whatever kind of pan you want. This year I made cupcakes and dunked them in the glaze.)  for about 35 to 40 mins.

While that is baking, make the glaze and let it cool
Warning: if you like the taste of rum, you may stick your head in the pan, lap and lick the bowl clean. I love this glaze and never let one drop go to waste.. just go to my waist. OK bad pun. And if you don't like the taste of rum, don't eat this cake, just make it and give it to your best friend. She will forgive you for wreaking her car when you borrowed it to go to the store for rum cake ingredients. Not that I did that.. just saying, that she would if you did.

More ingredients you will need for the glaze:

One cup of sugar

½ cup of rum

½ cup of butter

¼ cup of water

Heat this mixture just to boiling point and remove from heat. Allow to cool.

Just a quick confession here, I forgot the sugar in the glaze and I found it was much easier to make the cake absorb the mixture. It didn't need it in my opinion. With the sugar the glaze tends to be more syrupy and roll off the cake rather than drink it up. The cake likes to drink the rum.. really it told me so.

 The Russian Spy says to dunk the cake into the glaze. Or you can continue to to pour the mixture over the top of the cake until its very moist. He uses a bunt pan so the cakes look decorative. Then after he is satisfied with the amount of glaze on the cake, he melts white and dark chocolate and drizzles the cakes with melted chocolate. I know I know, this post would be so much better with pictures. Oh heck just send me your address I will send you some cake. Not really.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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