learning.... still learning at 40

Saturday I took the kids bowling and later that same day I took a photography class. I should have taken the photography class before taking indoor pictures, but hey, it is what it is. So here are some really bad pictures and then you will see the improvements.
Notice the brightness I had to add to the picture in the background just so you can see their faces?

This is before photography class.

I did use a flash, but that doesn't really help in super dark areas.

This is a picture of a white wall. We were learning to use some button and I wasn't paying attention because I was still fiddling around with the last button we talked about. Anyway I never did get the wall to look white, it always came out blue, maybe I will have to repeat the class.

uh, this is a bit blue too.
I think I am getting this. Oh the White Balance button, that is what we were talking about. Darn if this isn't
so complicated if you pay attention.

Hey, look at me everybody, I took an indoor picture without a flash and the people, well the people look
like people, not orange and blue blobs. Hi People. Hey Hello... stop playing with your camera
and talk to me.

Darn, well at least its not a big white spot and you can see THROUGH the window.

Hey look my foot. My blurry foot. My unpainted toenails and blurry foot. But the carpet
is in focus. Yeah, I was taking a picture of the carpet because it was that
alluring toupey beige and just spoke to me. 
Back to class.
Winner Winner, gonna have to pay for dinner.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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