Christmas cards, giver or receiver?

Its Christmas card season. I love to receive them. I hang them up all over the door jam to display them. I keep the pictures and put them in photo albums. After the New Year I cut up my cards and use them in making new cards and prompts in my journals. Cards are never wasted on me.
I try to get my cards out the first week of December. That would be this week. This year I wrote a two page letter with pictures of the kids included on the letter. I have my kids signing the names and writing things inside the card itself.  Are you a card send or just a card receiver? Or are you the person that send out only so many cards to a few people until you get their card in the mail and then you quickly send out a card to them also? I couldn't believe how many cards my parents received every year and they never sent one card out over 20 years of marriage. How odd that people were not offended and kept them on their Christmas card list. 
With this year and our tough economy I am making sure to send out as many cards as my fingers can write. This is a great time to share how God is making Himself alive and real in your life by sending out a bit of hope in your cards.
It would be so awesome to receive a card that said, "In lieu of your gift this year I am paid up on my mortgage. Have a good nights sleep knowing I still own my house".   Or what if you got a card that said, "I spent money on the card and the time to let you know I was thinking of you. Instead of buying me a gift this year, help someone in need by paying their electric bill." As nice as this idea is, it would fly like a lead balloon.
I have stopped new gift exchanges with others though. I have said, "Do you really want to have to buy or receive more stuff?" Can you and I just exchange consumable gifts or just go out for coffee and enjoy our new friendship?"  I love that we can be so honest and not keep this silly buy more idea to commemorate our friends.  That's why I give cards. I can not afford to buy you all gifts. I don't want to buy you all gifts. Remember I am the girl who does not like to shop.  A card tells someone that your thinking of them, wishing them well, hoping love is filling their home and they are happy safe and warm.  Cards are simple and even if they are not filled with lots of news about the family and simply signed with a name, to receive one should be viewed as a huge blessing.  My next post will be my Christmas Card to all of you.  This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. We send cards each year that include a family letter. I love to get cards too and we have received 4 already! Yesterday two of them were glittery so I had glitter on my hands and saw it randomly last night.

    I"m going to try to make a board to display our cards. I wanted something new in our new home and my cousin shared an idea with me that she made. It looks easy and I think I can do it, I'm going to try this week and will share on my blog!