Don't hate me because I am done Shopping

I absolutely hate shopping. No correction.. I hate clothes shopping. Yes, I am still a girl. I just prefer to shop and chop vegetables. I like to look for lean meat in the cold case not the cool heels in the over crowded mall. So it goes also with Christmas Shopping. I have taken a page from my mothers book. Have all Christmas shopping done by October 1st. OK, I am not that good, but I did finish before December 1st.
I thought I would pass on my good ideas. It may take some of the stress out of purchasing the perfect gift for your loved one.
 I start my Christmas Shopping on December 26th. Yes, I really do hold onto stuff for my kids for an entire year. I also score on the 50% off stuff for birthday gifts, home warming gifts and for my favorite.. What the Hell-o gift.  Baby showers and baby gifts are not so easy but can be done if your willing to buy one boy and one girl gift. Then no matter if a girl or boy, your set.  (And of course me friends that most recently had a baby has not received a gift from me yet. I know.. I suck)

Many people are getting or have some type of e-reader these days. I have the kindle. You can send a brand new book to someone and all you need is their email. I have a friend who has both an I-pad and a kindle. She uses her I-pad more now and the kindle is collecting dust. So I asked if she would loan her kindle to her son who loves to read. Bingo, I bought him a book on dragons and it took me all of one minute. 
Lets talk Jammy Jams. Also known as pajamas or sleepware. Now if you sleep in the nude.. I got nothing for you. However if you are a man, ladies please throw out all the nasty hole in crotch shorts and t-shirts he has and buy him a fun pair of character pajama bottoms.  Men love silly character or beer advertisement pajama bottoms. Guys when you were dating your lady it was fun to buy all that sexy lingerie. That is such a sweet gesture,but it ends up on the floor  and later shoved in the very back of our drawers anyway. So lets go with some mighty comfortable sleepware. I am talking about clothes that are  really fun comfy stuff that us girls can walk around the house in without flashing the neighbors or embarrassing ourselves in front of the kids.  Now you have to talk to your lady about this. I prefer cotton. Some of you girls love satin and silk. I love the store Walmart and TJ Maxx but some of my friends need to shop with Victoria and get to know her secrets.  Then again if your really lucky she could be the "I want to sleep in your big shirts" girl and your off the hook on this one.

Tip for the Guys. Military Man is  smart and every time I mention something, pick something up, look at something, talk about how a new lamp might look good in the corner etc etc etc : My Man writes it down on his card. I am a lucky girl.

See the thing with gifts are that should be things we want and need. I need a new dishwasher and I want a new dishwasher. But if I gave my best friend a new dishwasher.. no wait bad example.. she really does want and need a new dishwasher too. OK So what I am trying to say is that more often than not we buy because we want and we want what we don't need. And worse still is we don't buy what we need, we just put up with the broken stuff. So to make this as simple as possible I will state it with a big ugly truth. Here it is.
It is not your money to spend however you want.

That's how we get into this "gimme" attitude. We think because we work and we earn that we can spend it however we want. NOPE. Here is the other truth, but it ain't so ugly. Its God's money. He is allowing you to borrow it while you live here on earth. Here comes another idea. Have you ever asked Gods permission to spend his money on something? When you change your attitude about money, it stops changing you. You will have a new look and idea of what Christmas is and what real gifts look like.  
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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