In Love with Love

I am in Love. I have been in love for years before I got married. I am in love with LOVE. I am the hopeless romantic that loves the happy ending. I love to see the good guy gets the girl.  I had a wonderful example of tenderness, love, kindness and gentleness as a kid. My step dad adored my mom. She was pretty darn good to him too. The two of them were married 22 years. I watched them as best friends and later understood they were great lovers of life and each other.  They always held hands, always gave one another a tender kiss regardless of who was watching. He brought her flowers, she made him wonderful meals. He always said she was sexy and she called him a handsome devil.

I am going to confess something. I am a voyeur. Yikes did I make you blush? I love to witness two people in love share a tender moment.  I almost giggle out loud when I witness two adults holding hands. Its hope beyond the hurt that can destroy if  you allow it to.  One of my most treasured memories is witnessing our Pastor at church holding his beautiful wife's hand as they walked together into the sanctuary. OH melt my heart. Most people don't like to show public forms of tenderness or display affection of any kind in front of others. For them I am sad.  I am not into watching two kids snog on the side of a building. That is just hormones out for a ride. Witnessing an elderly couple helping each other walk safely across the street, or a excited moment of celebration as one gives another a hug around the neck and a big kiss on the cheek for sold out tickets to a concert; that's what makes my heart go pitter pat.
Just the other night I got a glimpse again at another tender moment of love and I fell in love all over again.   I was attending a function and at the end of the night the fella said how much he appreciated and loved her for her great job. No one was really paying all that much attention to them, but I could feel the heat in the room change and in my face as I watched the love in their eyes lock and they knew of no one except each other.  Glasses clinked and toasts were made and I was missing my own fella. I felt like doing a fist pump and yelling "YES".  I am in love with Love. Perfect Love. Love that brings us together which no man (or woman) can separate.   I love when Gods perfect plan comes together. Its a beautiful sight. Hope you see it sometime.

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  1. I absolutely seeing an older couple holding hands, walking down the street. It makes me think that good things are, indeed possible. Good thoughts, Amy. You made me smile. :-)