Homemade Cranberry sauce

I have been waiting for about three months for cranberries to come into the stores. I bought five bags the other day. That was the first trip. Today I am making homemade cranberry sauce. Everyone has to know how easy making this stuff is right? One cup water, one cup sugar, one bag (12 ounces) of whole cranberries. You bring the water and the sugar to a boil and add cranberries. They burst in the heat and the natural pectin in cranberries makes it gel when it cools.
So many of you don't like the bits and skins and have to have jellied sauce instead of whole berries. That is the best part. So today I am making the sugar free version, made with splenda instead of sugar. WHY doesn't Ocean Spray make a sugar free version??  They make all those flavored cranberry juices and they make a sugar free cranberry juice why not a sugar free cranberry sauce?
Well today I am canning my sauce. I added a fresh squeezed orange to jazz it up a bit. Its the same process except you have to boil the jars afterward to get a seal so you can store them in the cellar. My Military Man can eat the stuff right out of a can like it was candy in a can. I have to have mine with a slab of turkey, or pork, maybe some roasted chicken.
So now that I am canning my own cranberry sauce I can have it all year around. I am not sure if it will jell as hard as the stuff in the can because of the splenda substitute. I have found my sugar free jellies don't always jell hard until I get them opened and put them in the refrigerator.  Not because of the splenda but because I can't follow a recipe. I use more fruit or extra juice or something like that. I will tell you this: I have never made the same recipe exactly twice, even when I write it down and try to recreate it. I just have to change something. Sometimes its a disaster and it goes in the garbage, but more often than not its good.

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  1. I love cranberry sauce! I never thought to make my own. Cranberries are BOGO this week at Publix, maybe I will have to try to make some.