Christian Journaling Group on Yahoo

I am advertising. I am not apologizing for it either. I need some new writers in my life. Our group is found on Yahoo groups. We are called Christian Journaling. We are a group of folks that love to journal, love God and that's pretty much sums up our sameness. Is sameness a word? Anyways, somehow I have become the moderator. I have been helping out for a few years over there. I have been known to stir up trouble by suggesting we change things up a bit. But they love me anyways. So we are a forgiving bunch. I would give you a link but really all you have to do is go to Yahoo groups and then find us under christian journaling.
Oh All right.  Here is the link christian journaling
Some of us are art journalers, some of us are graphic journalers. Many of us have obsessions with pens and notebooks. We love to read. Journalers are readers. We have become a kindle loving group. Not all of us have a kindle but we are close to it.  We do have a closed group until you apply. That keeps the spammers out.  We have been hacked a few times.  Just wanted to suggest you might want to try something new this holiday season, and we are free. So Look for us and tell me you found me via my blog. Thanks.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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