The Russian Spy Called...

I love the Russian Spy. He is my brother. We drive each other nuts if we have to spend more than three days together.  You have heard that blood is thicker than water.. we always have each others back. We would never leave the other stranded. However we do encourage each other to fight and stand on our own feet. No handouts, no free lunch, no not pulling your weight.  I can not imagine surviving my mothers untimely death without his love, support and encouragement.

My brother called me and told me something so unexpected. It's just Like God to use someone out of our obvious choice to answer a prayer.

I have been drooling over the I-Pad for a few months now.  I was noticing that the Want to be's were making tablets for a lot less money. I just found one this weekend at Walmart for only $97.00 dollars. I have been allowing myself to toy with the idea of purchasing one, not giving in for one reason. As much as I drool, I will not permit myself to spend money on something I don't need. It looks like a grand fun thing to play with but I have a computer. I am on my computer all day when I am home. I love a full size computer, keyboard and the speed at which it keeps up with me.  I am also not a gadget nerd, needing the latest and greatest new toy out there. I have a few of those in my life. The Russian spy is one of them.

So anyways, back to the phone call. My brother called, (he is an I.T. guy) Which means he can fix anything with a computer brain. He called to say he bought himself a new tablet for his family and they love it because he was able to manipulate it (upgrade) to run faster and better than the way it was sold to him. He was telling me all the stuff they do on it, and how it sits on the counter and they all use it. I said, "yeah, but how much do you have to pay each month for its service?"

"Nothing, it has WIFI."  Information Tech guy that he is.
 Which means if you have a WIFI at your home, you can log on at home without charges, or go to the bookstore,library, coffee shop or even McDonald's now and use it for no charge.

OH, So I turned and asked Hubby if we had WIFI at our house.

Both of them, My brother on the phone and Military Man on the couch, laughed and said, "YES".  Don't laugh because I don't know that. I don't have to with the computer savvy guys around me.

So then my brother asked me if I would like one for Christmas?
"WHAT? your going to buy one for me for Christmas? Why?", I said.

He said, "cause I think you and the family would really enjoy having one."

"But How much is it going to cost me?" feeling suspicious I said.

His reply was, "Nothing unless you have to buy applications for it, which run around .99 cents sometimes a little more."

"So I am getting a tablet, your going to upgrade it for me to make it work faster and better and then load it up with a bunch of other free stuff you already have on yours and then give it to me for Christmas?" Well, sure if your offering, then I am accepting. "

Then the Russian Spy says, "Oh and I forgot to tell you, that it will be in color, you have a 10 inch screen and I can put all your kindle books on it for you." 

I was speechless. What a gift.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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  1. I LOVE your new look!

    Yay for computer-tech brothers!