Getting off my soapbox

First, Thank you for tolerating all my posts about my health issues. I realized that God has always been here for me and for you and together we can do anything.. If He so chooses. So I was given this idea to start another blog just for learning and educating others and myself on living with diabetes. Its called Diabetics Unite I hope you will refer to it once in awhile. I hope you will refer others to it that might need some support with living with diabetes.
Now we can continue with our regular programming. Instead of complaining of my health I can go back to being me. Funny, silly, goofy and just all around strange at times. And I am really behind in my pictures. I haven't taken out my camera since vacation. The weather did a dramatic change this morning and it feels so awesome outside. Humidity is down and its time to play outside. Time to dust off the camera lenses and take some pictures of life worth living.
Life  is just awesome isn't it? I mean we have challenges and difficult times but life in general is just awesome. Time to go play. Hope you do too.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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