Its pouring rain outside

Raining outside with kids vs. Raining outside without kids. 

I used to love rainy days. I loved them on the weekends when I didn't have anywhere to go, nothing to do and could just hang out.  Without kids, today would be a day of staying in my jammie's, drinking a second cup of coffee, writing in my journal and reading my kindle. Without kids I could pamper myself with a hot soak in a tub with a glass of wine and soft music playing. Without kids I don't have to make breakfast lunch or dinner. Without kids I can watch what I want on TV or just have to TV off.  Without kids I could talk on the phone without being interrupted 34 times to tell me, "the dog just threw up on the couch." But who am I kidding? That life is gone gone gone.

This is the real world we live in. I will be required to get juice, make breakfast, help brush teeth, comb hair, make sure they are wearing matching socks, clean up the bathroom afterwards. Today with the rain, we will be playing indoors so I will be listening to little feet run up and down the hallways and stairs. Balls bounce up and down the halls and trucks and cars chasing the Zuu Zuu Pets across the floors. I will break up fights and make them apologize to each other. I will read numerous books and play games on the floor, several pieces of the game will be rolled under the couch for me to find later when I vacuum. Hubby will call mid day to see how we are doing, and I won't be able to talk because I am up to my elbows in teaching kids to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. More peanut butter will be on them instead of in them. With the rain, there won't be any swimming, bike riding or kick ball. There won't be any jumping on the trampoline, walks in the woods chalk drawing on the driveway. With the rain we will be indoors with all the lights on and feeling caged in. The pent up energy will be tough to survive but somehow we do. I will encourage journal writing and learning letters and numbers on certain video computer games. With the rain outside, bedtime can not come faster for them or me. I will fall into bed and be sound asleep about 9pm. They will want to stay up longer and claim they aren't tired.

If there is no thunder or lightening, I will put them in poncho's and let them take a walk in the rain. We might come home to some hot chocolate, curl up on the sofa and tell made up stories. I will be packing up the kids and heading over to a friends house to do crafts together.  Rain or shine, you always gotta have a plan.

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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