Best your Stress

If you don't celebrate the Halloween tradition, Then happy Fall. Next week is daylight savings. We roll are clocks back an hour next Saturday night.

Life is busy for me as a mom, wife, homemaker, volunteer, friend and child of God. Life is always busy. It's always about how you handle the busy... aka STRESS.  Lets face it, I have stress but different stress than a working outside the home mom kind of stress.  Or an unemployed mom looking for work kind of stress. What do you do with your stress?

Do  you find yourself eating when not hungry? Do you clean? How about shopping therapy? I tend to cook huge amounts of food. I also can turn on the TV and watch hours of boring shows that hold no interest but I am avoiding whatever is stressing me.

I have no answer for you personally because I don't know what is the heart of your stress. Here is my solution. Its the only thing that works for me. Ready?  When I am stressed....

I pray.  I talk to God and sometimes it's just to say, I can't pray because I am so scared, worried, tired, freaked out, nervous or whatever it might be.   Have you ever heard friends talk about their stress and then you become more stressed because your now worried about them? That is what happens to me all the time. I would never sleep if I couldn't dump that at our Lords feet.

 I sleep like a baby.

I turn it all over to God. God is my redeemer and yours. God can handle the unpaid mortgage, the unfaithful husband, the crazy mixed up work stress that continues to build daily. God is my answer when friends are in the hospital, and when someone is really nasty mean to me and makes me cry. 

I do find it interesting that sometimes we ask God to change others behavior. Like "make him stop drinking" or " have her transferred to a new job".  I try not to pray that because it is up to God and I don't know that persons heart.  I do pray for someones heart to be softened to hear God and then leave them in Gods hands. And I have to pray for myself about my own steps in handling, talking, dealing changing my own behavior in these situations. That is who God is after to change.. YOU.

Maybe, we are feeling more stress because we are fighting the changes God is trying to bring about in us???

This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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