I am journaling again

I love to journal. I journal about all kinds of things, events, people, places, weather, food, family, church and work. My kids are usually my first topic because they are really interesting people. However, lately I have been writing a lot on what I have been eating and not eating. I am a journaler. I wax and wane on the amount of journaling I do depending on what is going on in my life. My everyday, day in day out is called a diary.

Journaling is something that reveals feelings, thoughts, ideas, challenges and joy. I have recently shared with you my challenges about being diabetic. I have had to make some changes in my diet and exercise routine. The newest piece I have added to my daily life is my lifestyle change journal. I used a simple composition book that I decorate. In my LC journal  I have my blood glucose numbers, the dates and times of said numbers and what I am eating. Everything I eat is recorded in my journal. I have had to start carrying it with me which requires a bigger purse. Actually its not a purse at all but a bag. I am going to have to go shopping for a bigger purse. Darn. Double darn.. I hate shopping.
 I am excited about the changes in my life. Today I finally hit great numbers. After breakfast my BG was 118 and just before dinner I hit 100. That is  fantastic. I hope to be really good for my fasting numbers. I would love to be under 100 in the morning. I continue to workout. I hit the treadmill and the elliptical almost every morning. Today after the kids got home from school I did a pool workout while we swam.
Today I was reminded of a meeting I missed. I am going to have to take some things off my plate. No not the pork chop... but the meetings, and some of the volunteering. My health is most important. Friday and Monday are now MY days. Days for me to shop for healthy food, cook and read, clean house, go to doctors appts. and anything else that comes up.
I am learning new things. Today I read that September 12th through September 18th, 2011 is National Invisible Illness Week. I was reminded I have an invisible disease. I need to be a diabetic advocate. This kind of stuff goes in the new lifestyle change journal. I am journaling again.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Oh - have missed so many posts... been away from my computer for a while!

    Good on you Amy, sorry about the diabetes; but yay to life style changes!