This week of all weeks

This was a great week, or was it last week? All my weeks are blending together. People are stopping me on the street and asking me what day is today. Like I would have any idea.  Here are some pictures of Trike a Thone for St. Jude.  The day care that Stinker Belle goes to, raised $300.00 for St. Jude Childrens Hospital.

This is Stinker Belle on her bike before the training wheel broke.
She went around the circle about 33 times... approx. one full hour without stopping. 
This is a great idea just before lunch and naptime. I was so proud of my girl.

This was after her bike broke and she had to use a tricycle, but no complaints from her. She just jumped on and kept going.

This was Family fun day at church. To insure we had fun, they loaded the kids up on SUGAR breakfast.
Thanks Richard!!!

The powdered donuts were a huge hit.

Best Buddies having breakfast together.
This is Stinker Belle's Best Buddy.

This is My best Buddy.

This is my adorable Diesel Boy.
This is Military Man's best buddy.
He has his Daddy's eyes.
I fell into his daddy's eyes like Alice
fell into Rabbit Hole. I was never
the same again. Ah, Love
is in the Air.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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