Picnic and a Parade

A picnic in the park with a parade to follow. Wow how fun. 

 A month ago I took the kids on a picnic in the center of town
They closed off the streets for a parade.

After they ate lunch they had to entertain themselves until the parade started. The one sticking her tongue out isn't mine. But I love her anyways.

We took a walk three block up the road to the playground. That entertained them for all of six minutes. So we walked back to the parade route. Can you see the middle one whining, "stop touching me"..
Yeah, those two are mine.

The waiting was harder on me b/c I had to listen to "when is the parade gonna start" 500 times.
I can't believe this boy belongs to me. Wow. Thank you God for such a gift. Oh I love this boy.

Finally characters started showing up and passing out beads to my little ones.
Yeah, I finally got real smiles. Oh happy day.

There were pagent floats.

And tribal floats.

And the gaurd?? Or is that the Union? Or the Rebels? I am confused.

We had to stop for more drinks and snacks.
But it was a fun day with lots of high school bands and the crazy Shriners with their little go carts.

Hey, in case your interested, I have been blogging for a year now. Its been fun. I think I will keep doing it for awhile more or until I run out of things to say.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Oh - congrats on one year, I have a wee way to go yet :-)!

  2. Don't stop blogging now, Amy!!!!