Being Modest prompts shopping trip

Its Friday. Yipee. I did not want to get out of my PJ's this morning. I splurged and bought myself brand new real PJ's to sleep in. Let me explain. 
I am trying to teach my children to be modest and covering our bodies, not out of shame but out of purity. God made clothes for Adam and Eve and covered them.  My children got in the habit of wearing a sleep top and just underware to bed... which was ok... until we had company or wanted to lounge around in the living room. Then I had to look at what I was wearing to bed. If I am asking my children to wear appropriate night clothes, I have to set the example. So I had to go shopping. I have winter pj's but nothing that isn't stretched out, torn and see thru for summer ware.  Confession: I love ratty sleepware... but not anymore.

I went to a local discount store and found a designer sleep set for sale. It's more than I would have allowed myself to spend on myself but I was on a mission to be comfortable, casual and modest.  Now that I have this new sleepwear, I have to throw out the old stuff. Not just shove it in the back of the drawer. I have to pull it out, give it a hug goodbye and put it in the trash. The kitchen garbage, so  I can throw spoiled food on top if it. That's to keep me from fishing it out again in a moment of weakness. I throw out t-shirts, no problem. I've  thrown out pants and jackets and lots and lots of shoes. When it comes to my sleepwear.. I am a protective mother hen.  I am not leaving the house in the stuff.. just hanging around the house. What happens if the doorbell rings? I run like a Nascar driver up the stairs to change into real clothes.

I love comfy sleepwear. I told Military Man a story last night. A true story. It was one of the things I did after my mom died. It was the first thing I remember doing for myself to make myself  happy. I bought silk pj's and a silk robe at the real fancy shop in the mall.. yeah the shop with the fancy bra's and panties hanging on hangers.. that store. They have really soft silk robes. (silk robes by the way never stay tied shut with the silk sash) (but maybe they are  not suppose to??) ok, moving on.
I still have that soft robe. Its deep purple. I love it and it still makes me happy. I still won't answer the door in it if you ring the doorbell. 

So am I a reformed sleepwear wearer? Probably. It's hard to purchase clothes for yourself when your on a budget and would much rather spend money on buying clothes for your kids.  And consignment and thrift stores??  Sorry but I draw the line at undergarments and sleepwear. It just has to be new.  This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Isn't it annoying that the nice sleepwear (satin or silk) won't shut properly with a tie... I have a gorgeous navy satin gown for summer, but I hardly ever wear it for the same reason - it never stays shut!

  2. I think a lot of moms have the same issue! I wear tank tops & sleep pants to bed (what if there's a fire - you have to be dressed enough to be seen by rescue workers, right?). I have the hardest time throwing out the "damaged by bleach", ripped, ugly, stretched out ones, too! I bought new sleep pants and my husband actually noticed - "Hey, those look new!" (from the man who doesn't notice if my hair color du jour is blonde, red, or brown!