Meaningful Monday

What makes this Monday better than most Mondays? The answer is you. YOU have to discover, uncover something or someone who makes your day meaningful. You have to be active it making the day great.  It could be something simple like treating yourself to an icecream from the truck coming down the street.  Perhaps it is a phone call to a pal that makes you laugh (if you don't have one, call me, I am good for a laugh)
I have been reading good books lately. I just finished Mave Binchy's  Circle of Friends.
I bought it for my Kindle e-reader. If you don't have a e-reader, I would really recomend one. Unless you are one of the people who have to turn pages in books and like the feel of the book in your hand... blah blah blah. If your on a plane the e-reader is the best. You can carry a bunch of books with you without the weight of a bunch of books.  I had a really restful weekend. 

We went for a bike ride this weekend. My daughter learned to ride a bike, with training wheels, but she is riding.  My son learned to ride his bike without his training wheels.  Hubby and I forgot what it was like to be on bikes. We have walked along behind the kids for so long b/c they didn't go that fast. Now we actually came home and had to find the tylenol for the leg cramps. We laugh at ourselves for complaining like old people.
So what might you do today to make this day more meaningful? Here are a few Ideas.  Call up someone you know is too busy to answer their phone. Leave them a message of love and inspiration. Tell them they don't have to return the phone call .. this is just their voice mail hug.
Grab a pen and write a quick note on a sticky note. "I am praying for you".  "Your fun to be with" " When you find this, come give me a hug" And then go stick it on someones desk, or phone or door, or even in the refrigerator for someone to find. It will brighten your day.
Send someone a UNbirthday card. We all have a birthday a year. But we have 364 UNbirthdays. Send someone a Unbirthday note, phone call or card.
Ok, other ways of making the day meaningful is to do something out of the ordinary... like buy a kite and go to the beach for the day.  (you can find kites for $1.00 at walmart) They really do work.
If you come home really tired, make yourself a foot bath. A dish pan of warm water, bath salts and a dry towel. Soak your tired toes away. Give yourself permission to do something extra for extraordinary. It makes the Moan-day a More Meaningful Monday. 
What Am I doing today? Well I am trying to find all my April birthday people and wish them a happy birthday month. So far... one down. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. I want a kindle!!!!!!!!

    Our Monday is over, but I could always try doing something for Terrific Tuesday ;-)!

  2. I LoVe LOVE love Maeve Binchy! ALL of her books are a good read - get more, Amy! BTW - YOU are fun to be with (in person would be great, but online is pretty awesome, too)! :-)