Gotta have God

I found the coolest devotionals for kids. Well truth be told, my neighbor Laura found them, but she shared them with me. I love these devotionals  because they are age appropriate. Gotta have God , cool devotions for boys and God and Me, Devotionals for girls. I brought one for my seven year old son and one for my four almost five year old daughter. They have easy lessons that have activities included too.

The kids love for the together time we spend  reading them and deciding what is the best decision for the children to make. (Did anyone here ever go to guidance class??)

Then, I also found, errr I mean Laura shared with me another devotional that we read on Friday nights before family game time. The One year Devotions for Kids   Tyndale House Publishers. 

I had the greatest third grade teacher ever.  She would read books to us, chapters at a time. I love being read to. I loved when my mom read bedtime stories to me also. I love when anyone wants to read to me. Its awesome. I love doing this for my kids, with my kids.  Kids don't remember what you say to them. Kid remember what you did with them. What are you doing with your kids today? 

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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