Conversations with God

I received this book the other day, and I tell you I am really pleasantly

surprised by it.  A Conversation with God, if you could ask God any question what would it be? 

Written by Alton Gansky.

A Conversation with God: If You Could Ask God Anything What Would It Be? Alton takes 55 tough questions, and answer's them from God's point

of view.. First person.  Also included is an answer from Jesus, and other

big names like Abraham, Job, Paul, John, David and Eve.

Now no one can really answer for God, but they can direct you to what God

has said about the subject.. using the bible. I like that they (the publisher,

the author and the editing team) relieves the reader of all the technological tough theology and

just wrote it like conversation.  Hence the name of the book.

Do I think this is a good book for a new believer? Hmm maybe not. It's not to be

a bible replacement. Gods word is alive and needs to be read by individuals so

the Holy Spirit may use it to guide and direct us.   I think this is a really neat conversation piece. 

 My hubby thought it was cool. I had to test some of the answers and went to my bible to look up

where they got their information, and they tell you to do this in the introduction. Did I agree with

the answers all the time? No but I didn't disagree with them either.  I will say that some of the

answers don't really answer the question, because God just has not revealed everything to us,

but the author does attempt to explain just that. It's on a need to know basis, and some things

you just don't need to know.I found it such an easy read that I covered most of it in about two days. I don't I think I will be

giving this book away. I think its a book for a group discussion for sure.  I received this book

from Thomas Nelson publishing  and for free in agreement for blogging.

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