Good Friday

Who thought it was a good idea to call it Good Friday? Today we remember Jesus death walk to the cross. How is this good? We celebrate his birth... I get that. But why are we celebrating his death? I have never gotten an answer to satisfy me. We celebrate his Resurrection.... I get that. I have never heard anyone say: "We are so glad Jesus is dead". Because He was.. Dead.  This was no pretending to be dead. And there is no way to get around it... DEATH SUCKS. There is not a happy thing about it. Its awful for those who have to watch it, be involved in it and bury the dead. And every year we are involved in His death. YUCK.

Nope, not really a good day if you ask me.

As a kid, we only celebrated Easter with the bunny rabbit, eggs, chocolate and a ham dinner. I was in my mid twenties before I heard about the true Holy week and all it envolved. Good Friday as a kid meant the day off school.

And so that leaves us Saturday. What do you do with this Saturday? Do we put ashes on our heads and moan and cry? Do we make a casserole for Sunday? Do we iron our dress for Sunday Church?

This may come as a shock to you but I don't attend Resurrection Sunday Service. Its the same reason I don't attend revival meetings. I already know what the sermon is going to announce. Jesus is Alive. He is Risen. I know, I accepted him as my savior twenty years or more ago.  It's like watching a movie over and over again. I want to move on.. But I can't.  The whole week is just a big mess of confusing emotions for me. 
I know its weird, if I feel this way about Easter why not Christmas? I don't have that answer for you. But I trust God enough to know whatever I am stuck on, He is not about to leave me, abandon me or give up on me. I do know that this is a human issue, my human issue. I am ok with that. You don't have to understand, God loves me anyways. That's the beauty of Jesus death. It gave me life. Crazy isn't it?

This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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