Fantastic Friday

Hello and welcome from the land of Oz. My mind has been just going everywhere this week. Finally last night I was able to sit down and journal and that always helps. As I reflected on my week I found myself praying for those who also had a hectic week and shared it with me. But we have a choice. We can choose to continue to stay in the land of Oz and be disconnected from our home: OR we can turn to God and ask for help. Did you know that God lives in your heart, and He makes His home there? Yes He can be that close to you .... if you allow Him in. He is a gentleman.
He will not just open the door without calling or knocking first and come in dragging his dirty feet all over your floors. (oops sorry that is my dad, not my Heavenly Father)

Just saying if you need a break from your heartaches, busyness, land of Oz and otherwise crazy life... call God. It's not a long distance phone call,  it IS prayer... you talk He will listen.

Even if you talk with your mouth full

Even if you forget to say Thank you for the food we eat

Even when you fall asleep saying your prayers

Even after all our bad habits and mistakes, God is always listening, always forgiving, always full of Grace and wants to Live in you. And that's the best I have for you. I can tell you that it saved me... I hope you will give it a try because I can not save you.   This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. I hear people say all the time God doesn't have time to worry about my concerns, whatever they are. They seem to think it has to be something big to be worthy of His time and attention. What they don't get is that He wants to be that intimate friend that you can say anything to and that He never leaves us. I think people have a hard time believing that He loves us warts and all. Linda