Tithing stories

The book I am reviewing came from Booksneeze.com for free. I choose the book Tithing by Douglas LeBlanc.  And quite frankly it leaves me blank. Mr. LeBlanc writes a brief introduction with a few bible verses. Then he put together a collection of stories from interviews with people from all walks of faith. Only one story actually really talked about tithing. One story discussed why they felt it important, where in their faith they found the background that called them to tithe.  Most of the stories just tell a personal story with a one or two sentence at the end of the interview that they do indeed tithe. After the fifth story I forgot I was reading a book about tithing and had to close the book and read the title again.

I didn't get a sense of writing from theses stories. I got long stories that could have used a lot more editing. At the end of the book the author put together a study guide. This was fairly good writing and finally I could see that there was some discussion of tithing in this book. However I am not willing to slough through windy stories of tragedy and sorrow to finally come up with a possible tithe. This book is not recommended. I gave it one star because that is the lowest you can give. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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