My dirt garden

I am a gardener. And all gardeners need a tiller. This is my tiller.

Military Man. He is all mine. You can not borrow my tilling machine.
You see he has out one of his favorite toys, the chain saw. Well that is because we are working on removing
a stump, a big stump out of the garden. And when I say WE.. I mean he is working,
I am standing around taking pictures and keeping the kids away from the flying chain that comes off from time to time.
I have said before, chain saws are dangerous, but flying chains from chain saws.. well they are extremely dangerous.

This is said stump. Its a camphor tree.. Was a camphor tree. It was little when we moved in. I liked it. I wouldn't allow Military Man to cut it down. We played in the shade of this tree. Now its big and the roots are tearing down the wall..My garden wall that my Military Man put in for me. He loves me. He makes me happy. And as a friend of ours has said to us...A happy wife is a happy life. I couldn't agree more.

This doesn't make me so happy.
We tried to burn it out. I tried to ignore it. Now the axe and the chain saw have come to the party. This stump has see the last of its glory days.
Oh and the dirt garden..

Unlike everyone else, I am growing dirt.
All kids will tell you that it doesn't taste very good, but
its easy.
More pictures later when things start happening.
Girl Schmuck signing off.

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