Spring is here.. Here in Florida

While the rest of the country except for Hawaii, is freezing.. Florida is very much into Spring.

Florida has its' own set of rules. (Did I use that apostrophe correctly?)
The seasons on the calendar don't mean anything to us Floridians.
January is Winter.. the end.
February is Spring ... the end
March through October is summer... oh when is the end coming?
November and December might be fall or winter or even summer... You just never know what your gonna get.
We have been eating strawberries for a month now. BIG ones.

Huge and huge-er
Next month is the big Strawberry Festival in Plant City... the Strawberry capital. That's when the price of berries drops to $4.00 for a half a flat but ya might have to pay $5 this year.

We started tilling and planting seeds

Teeth are growing in too.
See Grandma, my smile is changing.

But I is still cute.

Blackberry bushes are flowering.

Girls are blushing. Spring is here.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Hi, I do envy you your gardens in Florida. I live in the pacific northwest and we usually have a pretty short summer. Last year was terrible. I'm hoping to get something from my Those strawberries are beauties. Linda