Potsticker Soup and helpful hints

Cold days require hot soup. Preferably soup that is quick easy and not too salty.

These are potstickers. My store doesn't carry them. Your store might. If not, go to an Asian grocery store.  I found a new Asian Store in Brandon which carries awesome yummy stuff. If you don't like the smell of fish, beware of Asian grocery stores. 

Anyways, quick easy and tasty is what's on the menu.  First the ingredients:
Chicken broth
Chicken bouillon cube
fresh ginger (no the powdered stuff won't work here)
fresh green onion
low salt soy paste (soy sauce will do)
snow peas (optional)
potstickers (pork and onion flavor was what I used)

You can brown the bottoms of the potstickers if you like, but if you want soup in five minutes, skip that step.  Pour 2 cups of chicken broth in the pot, add one chicken bouillon cube and a tablespoon of soy paste or 1/2 tablespoon of soy sauce. Grate some ginger right over the pot. About one good tablespoon. Then add the frozen potstickers. Did I tell you the potstickers come frozen? Well they do. So once you buy a bag, you have them for when ever you want, in the freezer. 
Slice lots of green onion to thrown in.  For crunch de-string about three snow peas and put them in the pot to cook about 3 minutes. You can cut them on the diagonal for smaller bites. I was in a hurry today so I skipped that step. Remember snow peas are in the bean family, and have the same bean effect. hee hee

As the broth simmers, the ginger melts into the soup. This is quick, easy and very satisfying.

Now, you might complain that you have this huge piece of ginger and it will just go bad. Fear Not!!!
Wrap the piece of fresh ginger in tin foil, put that in a zip lock bag, mark it with a permanent pen and put it in the side door of your freezer. It will stay fresh forever. You can mince, grate and even peel it while its still frozen. It retains good flavor if kept in tin foil.  Or you can plant it and a big ginger plant will grow for you. It really will, I promise.

Its nearly spring here in Florida. Spring onions are the easiest thing to grow. Get a pot and some dirt. It doesn't have to be even good dirt. Go to Walmart or your local plant buying store and get a sack of small green onion bulbs. They cost $1.50 at Walmart. There is like 100 bulbs in there. Stick a few in your dirt, water it, and stick it outside on your patio. In about two weeks you will have fresh green onions for your salad.  Later when they get bigger, pull them up and replant more bulbs. 

This is a great project for kids. So moms and grandma's go get you some onion bulbs. Teachers should plant these instead of beans with the kids at school. What in the world is a mom suppose to do with one bean plant that your kid brings home??? 
BTW, if you buy scallions at the store, plant the root ends you cut off, they will reproduce wonderful onions for you.  Enjoy your soup.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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