Fabulous Friday

Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday.  Dear God help us all have a fab Friday because it is all about you and our relationship with you. Amen

I am hoping to have a functional Friday today. I don't function well when hubby is away for awhile. My man has been working long overtime hours, and I praise God for the overtime but I miss my man. My kids really miss their daddy. And if you ever want to bring a girl to her knees, let her witness the kids and daddy together, relishing in all the "miss you love".
Life otherwise has been pretty quiet.  Just doing dishes, laundry and whatnot. Its the whatnot that gets me in trouble. Whatnot should not be messed with.  These two little people keep me humble and keep me laughing. Their honesty  is very very real.  Stinker Belle came up to me yesterday, patted my belly and told me, "Mama has a big belly".  There you go.. keeping me humble.

But how can you not love this peanut? She is my snuggle bug. She should be sleeping in a bit this morning, b/c last night she came in my room to tell me that her eyes just did not want to close.  She said she was lonely and needed some snuggles. Oh just melt my heart. Of course I gave in. Wouldn't you? So we watched Planet Earth for about half hour. It was on the Emperor Penguins.

Even with dirt on his face, I just love this face. This is my first born. This is my memory child. This is my beating heart. I never knew I could love this much. This is Daddy's boy. He is a gear head like his daddy. He loves to study the bible and has a heart for all things and people. Just looking at this picture makes my day Fabulous.

Well I am feeling better already. Guess I will go find some whatnot to mess with. Hoping you have a fabulous Friday today too. This is Girl Schmuck signing off.


  1. Love you Amy!
    Kids are such a blessing! They make my heart melt too, I just dont know where I would be without my kids. I am so thankful :)
    I love that God blessed you with wonderful kids... enjoy :)

  2. Awww - that made me cry! My beating heart is playing quietly by herself, I can't remember life without her now!