Best Valentine gift ever

 Today I got the best gift ever. I got to sleep in. Wait, that's not just the end.. But the best beginning ever. The house is quiet. No wake up to kids trying to be quiet and failing horribly.. but real quiet. Then I padded downstairs to ready made coffee and the newspaper. I never get to sit and read the paper... NEVER. But I did today. Ah bliss. Three cups of coffee and the newspaper..  But wait! There is more.  Hubby made breakfast of Ebelskivers. Pronounced (able-skeevers)

Nordic Ware Danish Ebleskiver Pan
This is the pan you need to make the sphere shaped pancakes filled with your choice of filling.

This is the cookbook, recommended but not required and fun to read.

This morning we made cream cheese and strawberry jam filled ebelskivers. And we made the batter recipe in the book that has whipped egg whites folded in. Next time will are going to try just regular pancake mix and some cooked sausage in the middle. But still this Valentines day gift keeps on giving. I have been given permission to go shopping.

Yes!!!! Shopping for plants. Yesterday Military Man tilled up my garden and made it ready for seeds, new plants and fertilizer. My heart is beating faster even now as I just think about playing in the dirt.   Florida strawberries are already in.. like we are eating them... making jam with them... eating them.
Blueberries are budding... well everything here in central Florida is budding. So I have to run to the Home Depot and get me some plants.. YIPPPEEEEE.
Sometime today I have to go pick up my kids.
Thanks for the best Valentines Gift ever.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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