My Artist date

I took myself on a date today. Its called my artist date. I go all by myself. I am good to myself and when I am, I in turn am a nicer person for it. I took my journal, my bible, my devotional (Max Lucado) to the coffee shop this morning. Tuesday mornings are when I try to go. Today I enjoyed the cafe. There was my booth, empty waiting for me and no distracting annoying people talking loudly on their cell phones  ... well for the first 10 mins anyways.

Afterwards, I went to our local library and inquired about setting up a Journaling class/workshop/club.  The branch manager of the library was very polite and we decided to put out a notice and get some feedback if there is interest in such a meeting.  So if you happen to think of me.. please lift up my little journaling workshop in your prayers. I have a real heart for it.

While I was at the library I found a book on all kinds of recipes for different jams. The book is called Jamlady. The book is written in third person. I found that kinda odd, but the recipes are really yummy. I love to make homemade jam. By the way, the difference between a jam and perserve is jam has less sugar in it. She wrote an entire chapter of all the science and breakdown of sugar and what happens to pectin and sugar when its heated. She explains that jam must have the proper ph or it won't set. She explains that some fruit have so much pectin in the fruit inself, you don't need to buy the boxed pectin. Oh her name... that would be.. Beverly Ellen Schoonmaker Alfeld... The Jamlady.  Her picture on the inside cover reminds me of Ms. Heiney back in my elementary days.. Don't mess with me kids. She is a NO nonsense lady. Kinda scary

Hope you have an artist date in your future. Its really good for your soul.
This is Girl Schmuk signing off.


  1. Mrs. Heiney! I haven't thought about her in a long time! "Go back and WALK!" My mom always said she was the sweetest, kindest lady, but that's NOT how I remember her (and of course she HAD a big heiney - at least from my 4 feet tall perspective)! Hahaha!!!

  2. Hey Amy,

    I have just given you a blog award - but can't find your e-mail address to pass it onto you privately! So having to share it here... you can check it out at:


  3. Thnaks Elizabeth. I will get on this right away.