Suprising gifts from others

This past week I have been given two material gifts that were unexpected. The first one I asked for. It was empty bottles. I will tell you another time what I am doing with the. But the cool part is I wanted funky smaller bottles. I am not a drinker of liquor and It takes me weeks to finish a bottle of wine, b/c mostly I just cook with it. So I sent out a few emails asking friends to save me a few empty vinegar, olive oil and marinade bottles. What I didn't expect were the very cool expensive bottles a bartender friend gave me.  Well the bottles are expensive when their full but empty they are pretty much worthless. The funky corks and glass stoppers are way way cool.  I have no idea who Patron is, but I like his bottle.  OK, I really do know who Patron is, but I really have never sampled his top shelf goods.  I am cheap, but I ain't free.  Lets move on shall we?

The next gift came today from Anonymous.  Anonymous bought me the book that I was thinking about buying myself.  The bible study for writers by Marlene Bagnull, 2nd edition. Its called Write His Answer a bible study for Christian Writers. I got out of the car at church, opened the back door to get the kids out. Closed the back door, went to get my purse out of the front of the car and the book was on the front seat of the car.  It didn't happen that fast, I was talking of course... but I never saw Anonymous put it on the seat of my car. So Thank you so much for your gift of love. What a neat surprise.

OK, I did get one more gift today. Military Man took both kids to the park after lunch today so I could have some time to read my new bible studies, start dinner and have down time. I will be home with both kids tomorrow as there is no school.  But I will have great books to read and lots of leftovers from tonight's dinner. Life is good.  This is Girl Schmuck signing off

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