2011 Girl Schmuck's personal motto

Introductory prayer:  Lord, teach me to see my own brokeness so I might pray for my healing. Then I might be able to help another.

I was re reading my journal. And I came across my 2011 motto that I wrote out for myself. I would like to share it with you. I wrote it myself. I did not copy it or steal it. Any kind of similarities are purely coincidental.

Amy's 2011 motto

"God loves us and wants me and you to live abundantly. I am inspired, encouraged, uplifted by His love for us.  This year I shall live with joy in my heart, laughter in my voice, gentleness in my touch, kindness in my thoughts and happiness in all I share with you."

Tonight as I read my devotional, the question at the end struck me. "What should be my attitude while I wait on the Lord?" Most of the time I find myself very impatient while I wait for the Lord to answer prayers. We demand God to give us the answer we have already given Him. Meaning that we pray to God with the answer already in our minds and how God should do his job. 

We pray for healing of the sick. But is God saving more souls in the lingering illness?
We pray  save our house. He may be teaching us money management.
We pray for a better job. Do we need to adjust our attitude?
We pray for keep my marriage together. God wants us to seek Him, not worldly instant fixes.

Its hard. Very hard to understand Gods timing. We want to tell him how, when and who when we pray. God tells us He loves us. He will never abandon us. He has never once closed his eyes, yawned or slept when you spoke to Him. He has never left your side. Something else I would like to share with you. Worship. I discovered there are many many ways to worship God. Song, dance, art, poetry and prayer. I would encourage you to find your own time, place and personal way to worship God. I will be praying for you.
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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