Making Gifts

Introductory Prayer: Lord teach me to thirst and hunger for you.

This is the book on my desk. I have been collecting empty glass bottles from a small restaurant in town. I am making gifts. Christmas, Grandmas day, St. Patty's day, birthday gifts. My friend Lisa taught me simplicity one year at Christmas. She gave each of her friends a small clear glass ornament that she placed colorful tinsel inside. It hangs on my tree each year. I am learning that homemade is the way to go. Handmade pens and journals is another one of my big indulgence.  This past Christmas, I gave homemade peach jam and brandied peaches. My neighbor gave me four grocery sacks of peaches from his backyard tree.  I just finished making my first batch of blueberry vinegar for marinades and salad dressings.

My friend Laura shares her handmade chocolate truffles and rum balls with us every year.

Last year I made quarts and quarts of pickles. I love me some pickles. I have only one quart left.. zucchini bread and butter pickles. Military Man has claimed them.

Elderberries grow wild out here where I live. They grow along the highways and fence lines. I hope to be able to pick a few this year and make elderberry Liqueur. I am also making coffee liqueur and a mimic of bailey's Irish cream liqueur.  Pour just a little or more than a little in your hot coffee. This is all for recipes. How about Godiva's Chocolate liqueur? Yep got that recipe too. Internet is a great tool isn't it?

No one actually pours this stuff over ice and just drinks it do they?  

One of the best chocolate cakes I ever had was Killer Kahlua chocolate cake.  And you know how I  love my rum cake.  For my dads birthday I added champagne to the fruit salad.. just a touch, never enough to get someone snockered.. like my mom did to me one Christmas.
Yeah, my mom made fruit sangria, and the fruit soaked in wine and brandy overnight. It tasted really good. I was in 11th grade, and it was our Christmas party.  I wasn't allowed to actually make a drink with the club soda and the fruit.. so I kept sneaking the fruit out of the bowl and eating it. After the party I had to go lay down cause I was tipsy whipsy and felt a headache coming on.
So the moral of the story, is just add enough to flavor the food..enhance its natural properties.

oh, page 33 is the recipe for Lime liqueur. Doesn't that sound refreshing over cold melon salad? Or how about using it in your Lime pie recipe to kick it up a notch? Stir it into whipped topping for a wonderful YUM surprise on any dessert.  The cool part is these gifts don't have to be refrigerated and they last forever.

So I need some feedback for ideas. If you were the receiver of a handmade, homemade gift what would you like to be given? (don't say chocolate covered saltines, Kim) (yes those really are made and sold)
This is Girl Schmuck signing off.

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  1. Oh Amy! Chocolate Saltines! Sounds especialy delightful (and naughty!) :-) I love me some pickles, too...alas I choose not to cook (or learn to cook)because my husband is the chef in our family. Please send me your pickle recipes - I will make sure the chef receives them. Thx & Love, K